Intuitive Transformational Coach

Helping you live your best life!

In-Person & Virtual Coaching serving Barrie & Orillia, Ontario

I help you to recognize your self worth, find the transformation you are looking for individually, in your Therapy Practice, or as a holistic practitioner!

  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • Weekly Group Sessions
  • Helping you figure out your why
  • Helping you design your niche that feels right for you
  • Lessons and Homework
  • Aligning your intentional daily practice

What is involved:

Your commitment to yourself and/or your holistic practice.

Honing in on your niche and your why

Doing the homework / following our well laid out plan

Asking the question

The right mindset and the right coach. With you all the way!

How can a coach help you?

  • Grow your Counselling, Therapy or Holistic Services Practice?
  • Is your energy bringing you the clients you want?
  • Are you struggling with a Life Transition OR changing vocations
  • Are you looking for a new beginning?
  • Life losses, changes and opportunities to realize your dreams?
  • Why wait, let me help you live your best life now!

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