Soulpath Recommended Resources

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Healing Books: for Practitioners

The Body Code is based on the simple premise that the body is self-healing and knows what it needs in order to thrive and flourish. The Body Code method allows readers to tap into this inner knowing, and find imbalances in 6 key areas―Energies, Circuits and Systems, Toxicity, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Misalignments, and Pathogens―that are the root causes of our physical, mental and emotional issues. By identifying and releasing these imbalances, readers become empowered to activate their body's innate healing power.

Hands of Light is your guide to a new wholeness. It offers:

• An understanding of how the human energy field looks, functions, is disturbed, healed, and interacts with friends and lovers.

• Training in the ability to see and interpret auras

• Medically verified case studies of healing people from all walks of life with a variety of illnesses.

• Guidelines for healing the self and others.

• The author's personal and intriguing life adventure which gives us a model for growth, courage and possibilities for expanded consciousness.

Bridging ancient healing practices with cutting-edge science, The Energy Codes offers a detailed road map to help you experience deep healing in your life. Grounded in practical, exercises, including yoga, breathwork, meditations, and Dr. Morter’s Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) protocol, The Energy Codes “offers deep insights…that brilliantly merge the ever-blending worlds of science and spirituality to help reveal the truth of our being and the depths of our greatness,” (Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series).

In The Emotion Code, holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson shows the inner workings of the subconscious mind. He reveals how emotionally-charged events from your past can show up in the form of "trapped emotions, emotional energies that inhabit your body. These trapped emotions fester in your life and body, creating pain, malfunction, and disease. They can cause a mental and emotional toll, impacting how you think, your choices, the level of success, and abundance you are able to achieve. Trapped emotional energies can gather around your heart, cutting off your ability to give and receive love.

The Psychic Roots of Disease: A New Medicine, The Five Biological Laws of Nature, is an essential desk reference book for medical professionals, family practitioners, therapists, naturopathic professionals, clinicians and patients. With over 500 case studies of the research findings of the Germanic New Medicine®, discovered by world renowned and respected German physician, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., and as systematized in the principals of the Five Biological Laws Nature. The study of The Five Biological Laws of Nature, opens the door to an entirely new way of looking at health and illness.

Meditations to Heal your Life

In this beautiful collection of meditations and affirmations, Louise Hay shares her philosophy of life on a multitude of subjects from Addictions to Fears to Spiritual Laws—and everything in between. 

Her loving insights will enrich your body, mind, and soul, while giving you practical knowledge to apply to your day-to-day life.

You Can Heal your Life

Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back


What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. I believe that everyone, myself included, is responsible for everything in our lives, the best and the worst. Every thought we think is creating our future. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.

The Magic

For more than twenty centuries, words within a sacred text have mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read them. Only a very few people through history have realized that the words are a riddle, and that once you solve the riddle—once you uncover the mystery—a new world will appear before your eyes.

In The Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals this life-changing knowledge to the world. Then, on an incredible 28-day journey, she teaches you how to apply this knowledge in your everyday life.

Mental Health Books: Self Awareness

For all our expertise and technological sophistication, Western medicine often fails to treat the whole person, ignoring how today’s culture stresses the body, burdens the immune system, and undermines emotional balance. In The Myth of Normal, co-written with his son Daniel, Maté brings his perspective to the great untangling of common myths about what makes us sick, connects the dots between the maladies of individuals and the declining soundness of society, and offers a compassionate guide for health and healing.

When the Body Says No is an impressive contribution to research on the physiological connection between life's stresses and emotions and the body systems governing nerves, immune apparatus and hormones. With great compassion and erudition, Gabor Maté demystifies medical science and invites us all to be our own health advocates.

The Mountain Is You

Coexisting but conflicting needs create self-sabotaging behaviors. This is why we resist efforts to change. But by extracting crucial insight from our most damaging habits, building emotional intelligence by better understanding our brains and bodies, releasing past experiences at a cellular level, and learning to act as our highest potential future selves, we can step into our potential. To scale our mountains, we actually have to do the deep internal work of excavating trauma, building resilience, and adjusting how we show up for the climb. In the end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves.

In The Highly Sensitive: How to Find Inner Peace, Develop Your Gifts, and Thrive, you will realize why high sensitivity is a gift that requires careful management. You will discover how to solve the common problems faced by HSPs the world over and how to live a happy, fulfilling life that lets you use your abilities to the fullest.

This book is packed with helpful advice and strategies you can use to live a balanced and meaningful life as an HSP.

Somatic Exercises for Nervous System Regulation

Are you struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, or the aftermath of trauma? Do you feel like your body is constantly in a state of fight-or-flight, leaving you exhausted and on edge? The steps to reclaiming your inner peace and bodily autonomy begin right here.

This book will reveal the power of somatic exercises to help regulate your nervous system and enhance your emotional resilience. You will reduce anxiety, tone your vagus nerve, and create a stronger mind-body connection in just 10 minutes a day.

Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox

Over 25 years of clinical experience, Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MA, LMFT, has created the go-to resource for mental health therapists who want to incorporate somatic techniques into their daily practice. Highly-effective for clients dealing with trauma and stress disorders, somatic psychotherapy is the future of healing the entire person-body and mind. Section-by-section, this toolbox guide the clinician through: - Targeted somatic interventions for trauma, stress and PTSD - Steps to incorporate the body into your current therapeutic approach - Mindfulness techniques and breath work - Starting guidelines, safety concerns and keys to success- Getting to know their own body to better use body work with clients.

Inside The Vagus Nerve, Your Body’s Superpower! you will discover:

  • More than 13 simple yet effective 3-minute exercises, along with other routines, to start practicing today to tone and regulate your vagus nerve.
  • A comprehensive introduction to the vagus nerve, how it affects the autonomic nervous system and why you should prioritize it for your well-being.
  • How to recognize and test for the physiological signs of a dysfunctional vagus nerve.
  • Five important considerations to keep in mind when toning your vagus nerve.
  • How you can live a healthier life by making nine critical changes.

You can improve your health and change your life too. Are you ready to learn how?

Spirituality Books

Ask Your Guides

We’re all spiritual beings with a spiritual support system on the Other Side that oversees and helps guide our lives from the moment we’re born to the moment we leave our physical bodies and return to Spirit.

Not knowing this fact is a severe handicap, as the Universe is designed to care for and nurture all its creatures and help make our life’s journey easier and more successful. When we learn how to connect with our angelic guides, our lives naturally fall into a pattern of ease and flow during which we grow our souls, fulfill our life’s purpose, and make our time on Earth endlessly entertaining. This book provides all the information you need to help you connect with your spirit guides so that you can enjoy all the love, abundance, and joy you’re entitled to.

Journey of Souls is a graphic record or "travel log" by these people of what happens between lives on Earth. They give specific details as they movingly describe their astounding experiences.

After reading Journey of Souls, you will gain a better understanding of the immortality of the human soul. You will meet day-to-day challenges with a greater sense of purpose. You will begin to understand the reasons behind events in your own life.

Spirit Talker: Indigenous Stories and Teachings from a Mikmaq Psychic Medium

In this teaching memoir, Shawn Leonard shares his personal story of developing his abilities as a spirit talker, revealing incredible stories from his childhood to the present. Along the way, he shares experiences he has had with elders from his aboriginal tribe, the Mi’kmaq, and his journey learning more about his heritage.

Dancing on a Stamp

Garnet Schulhauser, a retired corporate lawyer, had an experience that changed his life. His Spirit Guide appeared in the guise of a homeless man, and revealed answers to "the big questions." This book describes that experience and reveals universal wisdom that will both delight and amaze New Thought readers.

The spirit guide revealed information that is antithetical to everything that Christian holy men have preached for thousands of years and provides refreshing new insights into the journey of the soul.

The Missing Element describes human nature in a compassionate and succinct way, and offers ways for us to get to know ourselves in depth with the wisdom of archetypes.

The information in this book stands on the shoulders of our elders, who understood the four directions, the four elements, the four noble truths. Whatever pain you experience is specific to your personality type, based on the four elements. The 'missing element' is twofold: it refers to the Observer inside you--the part of you that can stand outside of judgment and see yourself with a more wise and compassionate approach. And it also refers to the elements that make up your personality and to the element which is your weakest. Your issues will repeat themselves again and again until you can see yourself and others from the compassionate vantage point that unites all of us. You will understand that your life and all its stories were designed by your soul to get your attention right now. It is inviting you to seek the wisdom of the ages to help you grow.

Card Decks

Grace Cards are a practical way of working with this Divine Energy. Close your eyes, ask a question, then choose a card. Follow the message and watch what happens. Doors will open, resources will appear, and a veil of uncertainty will lift to reveal your next step.

The Angel Guide Oracle acts as a bridge between heaven and Earth, bringing together 44 images of guardian angels with insightful, supportive, and healing angel messages to strengthen your communication and open your heart to their messages of love.

The accompanying oracle card guidebook explains how to attune to the cards, conduct angel readings for yourself as well as for others, and how to interpret and work with card spreads.

The Polyvagal Card Deck has been thoughtfully created to provide polyvagal concepts and prompts grouped into three areas: 1) the autonomic hierarchy: ventral, sympathetic, and dorsal; 2) a section about regulating the system; and 3) a bonus section exploring play, stillness, and change. Clinicians can use the cards at the beginning of a session to frame the work or at the end to create a plan for ongoing work; clients can reach for the cards any time they want some nervous system support.

Wisdom of the Elders oracle deck focuses on the teachings, traditions, and wisdom of the Mi’kmaq people, meant to help the reader create a deeper connection with the spirit world and Mother Earth.

Indigenous wisdom is sacred and has been shared for many generations by the Elders of the spirit world, and it is through their wisdom that we bridge the physical world to the spirit world. When you use these oracle cards you are walking in the world with the wisdom of the Elders.