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in Orillia & Barrie. In Person & Virtual Sessions Available.

Grief Comes From Many Life Experiences

  • loss of job
  • life transitions
  • life changes
  • a sick loved one
  • a death
  • trauma
  • tragic event
  • a challenging relationship
  • death of a pet
  • difficult decisions / choices
  • serious accidents
  • bullying
  • loneliness
  • moving
  • and unfortunately more...

Each person has their own way of handling grief...

Has someone been diagnosed with a life threatening illness or are you moving, making a decision or life transition? If so you may be experiencing Anticipatory Grief.

When death comes suddenly through a tragic event this is often referred to as disenfranchised grief. Many don’t understand how to support you. They may say things unintentionally that upset you. Or have you faced a series of difficult circumstances, if so you may be experiencing compounded grief. Feeling overwhelmed? Counselling can help.

Are you finding it difficult to get through the day?

If your grief is overwhelming or you find it difficult to engage in life, help is a phone call or email away. Psychotherapy is provided in Orillia & Barrie, Ontario. Counselling / Psychotherapy is provided online, in person & by phone.

  • Life Transitions & Changes
  • Relationships
  • Death & Illness
Life Transitions & Changes

There are many challenges we face on a day to day basis. If you are adult with children who are doing online learning while maintaining your job either online or in person, that’s a lot of added stress on you. If you are in a relationship, or single, being an adult these days comes with many stresses.

Relationships are complex, with many competing demands. Now more than ever each individual needs coping strategies and a strong sense of self in addition to a robust self care strategy.

A professional to speak with on a regular basis may provide you with strategies to re-start your wellness plan, improve relationships, enhance resilience strategies and help guide you to build your self esteem and self care.


Parents play a critical role in guiding our youth in their mental health and well-being by encouraging them, helping them to develop self worth, offering non judgmental listening, and coping strategies such as asking for help. 

If your teen is struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, anger, emotional outbursts or has retreated and become quieter than usual or is displaying behavior issues, contact Karen for a consultation. 

Teenagers will find a safe space to express their thoughts, issues or worries in a supportive environment.

In Person sessions available in Barrie and Orillia. Contact us for more information. Online & by phone.

Death & Illness

Karen uses a creative approach with children ensuring they feel safe, and in a comfortable space to share their thoughts, often through creative play such as clay, paint, paper, markers/crayons, building blocks to express themselves.

Is your child/youth/teen experiencing difficulty in school, increased anxiety, lacking in coping skills? Has their behavior changed, mood swings, eating or sleeping habits or has there been a recent stressor in the family.

Life transitions and changes affect everyone in different ways.

Karen sees clients in-person in Barrie and Orillia and online or by phone for people from across the country.

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