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Karen Jay-Moore

M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A. Psychology, RP

Karen believes in compassionate, heart centered leadership. Through one to one sessions, classes and workshops, Karen empowers others to awaken their passion for life and develop their understanding of how our life experiences and lessons connect to heart, mind, body and soulful living.

Karen helps clients navigate a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, family dynamics, relationships, complex grief, eating disorders, Post Partum-D, chronic conditions, ADHD, behavior, child, teen or parental concerns and other emotional, spiritual or mental health concerns.

Karen has worked in public and private education, hospices and clinics. Karen believes therapy is a place where you can feel safe, seen and heard while exploring emotions, feelings, thoughts, body awareness, behaviors and patterns. Karen uses a holistic approach and enjoys helping people become more confident, self aware and ready to live life to the fullest.

Karen brings her experience to her work with children, teens and adults, couples and families. Karen has Advanced Trauma Training for Children & Adolescents, certification in Integrated Health and Couples Therapy. Karen has been a motivational speaker/presenter for companies, organizations, staff wellness days & educational institutions, and believes it is a privilege to work with clients on their journey.

Sessions are available online from anywhere, and in person in Barrie & Orillia, Ontario. Free consultations are available. If you are facing a difficult situation, trauma, or life transition, speaking with an experienced professional may be what you need.

Karen is a Teacher, Psychotherapist, Evidential Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher,

AO Scan Facilitator, End of Life Care Doula, Life Coach, and Reflexologist.

Clients will find a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to put you on your path to wellness. Karen’s hope is that you will find joy in your life.


Karen Jay-Moore, M.ED, B.Ed., B.A. (Psych); Registered with OCT (495250), Educational Consulting, Counsellor – Member OAMHP (6090-G), Canadian Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association (10006665), Certified Life Coach (CCF), Teacher/Trainer of Adults, End of Life Specialist (ITM), Spiritual Medium: trained with teachers from the UK, USA and Canada; Reiki Master Teacher(CRA-15-204), Reflexology (OCR15-065), AO Scans Facilitator, Workshop Facilitator. College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario #008890

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education degrees, Acadia University, N.S.
  • Psychotherapy, Transformational Arts College, Toronto
  • Biopsychosocial Counselling: Yorkville University, NB
  • Guidance Counsellor, Western University, London, Ontario
  • Spiritual Development, Arthur Findlay College, UK
Additional Training

  • Advanced Trauma for Children & Adolescents
  • Integrated Couples Counselling & Sex Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy & Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Grief: Robert Neimayer, Ed Dufour; Facilitator Chronic Conditions
  • Somatic Body Therapy
  • Spiritual Medium, Arthur Findlay College, UK
  • Reiki (CRA); End of Life Doula (ITM); Reflexology, OCR
  • AO SCAN Biofeedback
  • Rainbows: death, divorce, separation
  • College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals
  • Canadian Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association
  • Ontario College of Teachers
  • Canadian Reiki Association
  • Ontario College of Reflexology

Dianne Jay

Engineering & Occupational Health, MSc, PEng. CIH

Dianne’s professional background is in the field of Engineering and Occupational Health.  After 15 years in Engineering Research, she continued her journey through the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University to receive her Masters of Science degree in Occupational Health.

Her love of the healing sciences prompted her to continue her working career for an additional 25 years in Occupational Health, working to recognize, evaluate and control health hazards related to work places in NS.

At the end of her career with the Provincial Government of NS, she received the Governor General of Canada’s Service Medal for “ 20+  years of loyal and exemplary service to public safety.”

Adding to her love of health and healing sciences, Dianne achieved her Reiki Master and has trained in the field of spiritualism and mediumship under the leadership of mediums from Canada, UK and the United States.

Her goal is to bring healing through Peace of Mind and Love through energy healing and psychic, soul and mediumship readings.  Services available online or in person in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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