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Soul Care and Spiritual healing…

Interested in self-empowerment classes where you learn to trust your intuition? We offer Spiritual Wellness Sessions, Classes and Workshops to help you Live your Life on Purpose!

We each have a life purpose, have you found yours?

Did you know your Spiritual Healing & Wellness refers to how you feel about yourself, your life and how you see yourself interacting with the world around you. Our Spiritual Wellness is as important as our Emotional, Physical and Mental Well being.

When one of these is out of balance it can throw us off course, we can become sick and unwell. I invite you to take part in our classes and see how to improve how you feel about your self, connect with others and improve your attitude, thoughts, intuition and actions.

Evidential Readings

Readings are meant to help people heal emotionally, spiritually and provide you with evidence that life carries on.

Conversations with you are spiritually guided from the moment the session begins and are based on your needs: intuitive, psychic and/or mediumship. One or Two mediums to guide you with unique take home drawings. Book your session today.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care: Living your life on purpose. When we are doing what we are passionate about, our soul is vibrant, we feel energized and connected.

End of Life Care: Advance Care Planning, Help Navigating the Health care system, Aging parents and Long Term Care, Chronic illness., Quality of Life. We are here to listen and offer guidance.

Workshops & Classes

On a variety of topics are available and are geared towards helping you awaken to your soul purpose. For a full list of available workshops, check out the Classes/Workshop section.

Individual Psychic and Mediumship Readings

45-60 minute reading + an intuitively guided session. Sit back and relax. Karen or Dianne will focus on what you need, psychic, soul or mediumship. Each will draw upon their experience as they guide you through your reading with an interesting blend of information, messages and techniques.

Soul Reading: Spiritually guided conversation

Join me for a 45 minute conversation / reading + 15 minutes of intuitively guided conversation and questions. Join Karen with her own unique style and blend of techniques.

Trained by mediums from the UK, United States and Canada and provide Psychic, Soul and Mediumship readings.

Intuitive Development Classes

Why develop your intuitive gifts? Fun and engaging! Start to understand how you connect to others, learn how to read situations, and energy. Is that headache yours or someone elses? Improve relationships, self awareness and confidence. Move beyond your limiting mental mind.

All levels welcome. 

Classes start Tues., Sept. 26 /23 for 6 weeks. Cost: $180.00

Readings and Energetic Healing

Join me for a reading and an energy healing session. Reiki Master Practitioner and energy light worker, providing two services, Relax and feel inspired.

Online Group Events: You host a group of friends, and we’ll join you for Conversations with Spirit. Contact us about pricing.

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