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Channeled Message/ Beauty

We are a reflection of the earth’s beauty, The beauty you see in the earth, is a reflection of the beauty inside you. You can find this perfection in the smallest leaf, creature or in the vast mountain ranges with snow capped peaks. It is in the cool water trickling down the stream, showcasing the rocky bed below, or […]


All you Need Is Love, Love, Love, Love is All you need – The Beatles – I was remembering a Client I had the privilege of working with for almost a year. She had a lot to teach each one of us about the power of love. I had been visiting her weekly at her […]

Channeled Message/ The Path

It twists and turns. Through the trees in the forest and the soft path that I feel underneath my feet, I take each step slowly. The path beneath my feet is soft now but hasn’t always been so. I see light peering through the tall stand of trees, peeking through, giving me hope. I’m not […]

Channeled Message: Spring

Have you ever felt like you were in between now and wherever it is you are meant to be? Early spring is like that too… Waiting for the weather to warm up, plants to poke their buds through the earth, grass to green up after a dormant period, Robins appearing and flocks of geese honking […]

Channeled Message: Music

The gift of music we bring to each one of you, a gift of joy, a sweet caress, the sound of peacefulness in nature, the wind moving the branches and leaves on the trees, the crickets on a summer night, the tinkling of the chimes hanging on the hook outside the window. The gift of […]


I sit here in nature, eyes closed, breathing slowly, listening to the sounds of nature fill the air; a bird soaring overhead, gliding magically through the air, the songs of another calling to its mate, grateful for the day; the water glistens, the leaves blow gently a thought comes and goes. Be still.  A voice […]

The tapestry of Life

The tapestry of Life unfolding each day by the people we meet along life’s path’s twists and turns; we stay awhile and carry on; individuals entering into our life’s journey and impacting us in a myriad of ways. How are we to know how they will affect us? Not until that moment of wonder, how […]


As I call upon the presence of spirit I feel their presence near – the world needs lightworkers to show their light to the world, stand tall, be brave, go forth with courage, peace in your heart, a lightness to each step. See the goodness in others and when someone challenges your peaceful heart, what […]


I come to you in faith that when you walk in the world you will show your light and share it for all to see, for you are a lightworker on a path to heal the world. The task may be daunting but each one can do their part to uphold the standards of a […]

New Era

Alas a new year begins, the dawning of a new era, time to begin anew, setting your sights on a new chapter in your life, new hopes and dreams. What might be beyond the horizon, what possibilties await your next step? I put out to the universe the welcoming of meeting friends not yet known, […]


The energy is changing, shifting, windows and doors opening for you to take a peek; what makes sense, feels right, listen to your soul, what does it tell you. Is there a feeling or presence in your life you are missing? Is there room for growth, for nature, the stilling of the mind, or shifting […]

Global Outbreak

The year is 2020 – unsettled and changing times, unlike ever before, people are learning to navigate unchartered territory like explorers and pioneers hundreds of years ago. A global outbreak that is affecting everyone in countries worldwide. People’s behavior soars from support to fear to support, the landscape unsettled, unsure underfoot. In the days, weeks, […]

A New Dawn

A new dawn, a new day, our border wide open, people go about their day freely, travel here and there, we are lucky to have such freedoms, healthcare, lifestyle, work. ~A new day, information comes about in waves, people wonder is this real, it couldn’t happen to me, to us, here, people cautiously listen. ~It’s […]

The dawning of a new day!

The Dawning of a New Day! I awake to find another new day upon me, the soft sunshine creeps through the blind that is drawn and I wonder, what will it be like today? Will I be missing you as much as yesterday? Will I be able to breathe a little easier? Will my heart […]

We are the light

We are the Light – Once with The Universe We are the light, one with the universe. With paths that twist and turn, mountain peaks to climb, valleys and winding roads. We are in alignment with the road we are meant to travel. The mountains make us strive to learn compassion for ourselves and others. […]

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