Global Outbreak

The year is 2020 – unsettled and changing times, unlike ever before, people are learning to navigate unchartered territory like explorers and pioneers hundreds of years ago. A global outbreak that is affecting everyone in countries worldwide. People’s behavior soars from support to fear to support, the landscape unsettled, unsure underfoot. In the days, weeks, months to come we learn a new rhythm to life, how we spend our time, how we cautiously interact, how we move forward from here to wherever there is. Doing business in a different way, doing day to day living in the “new normal”. Hoping that as fear changes to love that we find ways to support our neighbours and friends, those with more – help those with less, those that love teach others to love, those that do, do for others and those that be – teach others to be. Times are changing, a re-alignment of our values, out of it comes strength.