A New Dawn

A new dawn, a new day, our border wide open, people go about their day freely, travel here and there, we are lucky to have such freedoms, healthcare, lifestyle, work. ~A new day, information comes about in waves, people wonder is this real, it couldn’t happen to me, to us, here, people cautiously listen. ~It’s happening in another land, across the globe, so many questions, should we follow our plans to travel, or not go, or get our family to come home~ We watch, we wait…~Panic, shopping carts overflowing, line ups and over crowding, mistrust~ Announcements, we have enough, no need to panic, still people fill their carts ~ There is anticipation as it spreads, as the leaders share more daily updates, information on what to do, how to behave, how to live ~We have questions, communication increases, keep the people informed, level the playing field ~ come up with aid packages, will it be soon, will it be enough, what are the essential services? ~ We watch, we wait, we rally¬† ~ The message isn’t getting through, the invincible, not here, not to me, a walk in the park or at the beach, a picnic on a glorious day ~ While others live cautiously, following every word, announcements, concerns mounting about jobs, instinct, survival ~ 6 feet apart, shelves empty, people shop in silence as if they are focused on social distance or lists ~ some take advantage, we take a few steps back, confusion, the trust lessens, people tread lightly not knowing what to expect ~Borders close, travel restrictions, quarantine, isolation, businesses close or support in new ways, social distance, vulnerable people, aid ~ We watch, we wait, we rally ~ Our leaders come together, but all is not as easy as it was made out to be, while some push the limits, others pull them back to centre, we need to work together for all people ~ And the people watch and wait and continue to rally ~ For this is bringing us closer to where the world needs to be, to a place of harmony, to a place where we look out for each other, help each other, show gratitude for what we have, where we live, for lessons learned from others on a global scale ~ We watch, we wait, we rally, we come together~