As I call upon the presence of spirit I feel their presence near – the world needs lightworkers to show their light to the world, stand tall, be brave, go forth with courage, peace in your heart, a lightness to each step. See the goodness in others and when someone challenges your peaceful heart, what do you do to help them to see your light? Do you shut down, become angry or bitter for that will not help the earth towards goodness! Be bold. We see what is happening, we see the way but it is not our path to walk. You have free will, you are creating your world. We can simply offer guidance and put people in your way to draw your attention, or roadblocks that will encourage you to find another path. Do you recognize the signs that we have placed before you, where we expect you will hear, see, feel or know them. Be open to creating a place where joy expands, and peace becomes the norm. We hear your frustrations and we watch and guide you, sending messengers who will enter your life at the very moment you need them. Go forth and bring tidings of comfort and joy and we will rejoice in the glory.