Channeled Message/ The Path

It twists and turns. Through the trees in the forest and the soft path that I feel underneath my feet, I take each step slowly. The path beneath my feet is soft now but hasn’t always been so. I see light peering through the tall stand of trees, peeking through, giving me hope. I’m not sure what lies ahead. I am not suppose to know. As I come to the edge of the trees, there is a clearing, an open and expansive field, wild flowers growing, clear blue sky.  I look back, the trail is gone. As I look ahead, there is no path before me. I am present, anticipating, wondering, present, for it is uncertain. I have choices. Soak in the present, the beauty all around me, the connections to nature, to all living things, to self and then a single step and it begins.

Don’t worry about what you should do, could do, might do, know that each step along your path teaches us lessons about who we are. When you are on your “Soul Path” you will know by how alive you feel, your Soul will know by how at Peace you are. Mis-steps or side steps are part of your path for they teach us much and when you are ready get re-centered and continue onward.