Workshops to Inspire You...

Awaken the Power Within - Self Empowerment Workshop: Are you in tune with messages all around you? Would you like to deepen your spiritual practice, connect to your higher self, trust your internal compass, understand how to use information you receive, stay grounded and protect your energy? Through interactive and meaningful activities your instructors will provide you with techniques and tools to assist you. Learn about current research and books. Whether a beginner or experienced mediums, healers or empaths, we welcome you to deepen your connection and trust what you receive. Bring: water bottle/lid, journal/pen, sense of humor, open mind. Full Day: 8:30 to 4:30. Cost: $75.00

Awaken your Life Purpose - Create Your Own Road Map

Are you living up to your potential? We each have a life purpose, have you found yours? Spend a day re-discovering your special talents, purpose, opportunities that will awaken your soul. Set personal or professional goals and develop your action plan. You will work through a set process to assist you in developing goals to suit your needs, interests and desires and an action plan using the SMART and GROW framework. Create your own vision for the next 5 years! Join this workshop and discover what's next on your Road Map.

Mindfulness, Meditation & Compassion Fatigue

This workshop will help you build resiliency skills beneficial for those working in a health care, educational, social services or helping profession. Learn how to create a health & wellness plan specifically geared to your needs. Recognize the signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout. Build your resiliency and coping strategies. This workshop was well received by 100+ volunteers of Hospices within the SE LHIN in 2018. 

Soul Talk 101: What does Walking with Spirit mean to you? Discover how our life journey can shape who we are, what we think and how we interact on a day to day basis. In this interactive session we will discuss a variety of topics: gratitude, attitude, spiritual laws, compassion, life's challenges, opportunities & lessons, walking with spirit, your journey, choice points, What next?  Bring: Journal/pen, water container/lid, humor.

To find out more or add your name to the workshop list, please contact Karen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Soul Talk 101: One day workshop

"Karen embodies what she teaches. She has a way of communicating, delivering and demonstrating the material in a way that had a life-altering impact on my body, mind and soul. I love being in her presence because she is calm, compassionate and makes me laugh especially when she shares examples from her life that pertain to the material she teaches. What I appreciated about Karen is giving us the opportunity to do the training in a small group at her very own home, making us feel so at home. I loved that we all had an opportunity to share, and learn more about each other as well as take the time to really put into practice what we learned-so that we can one day not only know the theory of compassion, reiki healing and connecting with spirit but really become and embody it. Thank you Karen for shining the light on me and inspiring me to trust my gift". Aurela Vangjeli, Aug. 2018

"Karen was an amazing instructor for my Reiki Level 1 and Soul Communication Workshop. She is professional, organized and caring. She helps to create a safe environment that is open, empathetic and vulnerable. Karen is seasoned and skillful with many life experiences and knowledge to share. Thank you for two amazing classes. I am looking forward to doing more with you." Jacqui Farley Aug. 2018

Creating Your Own Road Map

This workshop was one of the best I have attended and one of the best I have provided to my staff; moreover the staff loved it! The way you brought everyone together and got us all on the same page so quickly sealed the cohesiveness of the group and enhanced the learning process.

It has helped get a number of my staff focused on what they really want to achieve and as a result they are making improvements.

I was impressed with the way you organized the activities, explained the rationale, articulated the expectations of the exercises and displayed a completely knowledgeable and professional manner throughout.

Thank you for making our professional development day a huge success.

Donna B, Director of Finance & Administration, Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law

I attended the Creating Your Road Map workshop. It was the best Professional Development days we have done in a long time. I didn't realize I had any goals. I can't wait to retire and get started on my plans. Thank you for helping me to see that I have dreams to pursue. JP